What about the scale of JDG ELECTRONIC?
HONGKONG JDG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. is a professional electrolytic capacitor supplier who mainly does business with small and medium-sized purchasers. With advanced production equipment and strong technology strength, we guarantee products to be of unique design and reliability in use. There are many professional and skilled employees in our company who have been devoted themselves to serving customers for years.
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JDG ELECTRONIC is a company specializing in the development, design and manufacture of electronic parts and related products. According to the material, JDG ELECTRONIC's products are divided into several categories, and ic is one of them. electronic parts from JDG ELECTRONIC is safe and harmless. Its supply is supported by more than 7,000 reputable suppliers. Competitively priced, the product is widely used by people from various fields. It has lower internal resistance and applies to most equipment.

As an important part of JDG growth, enterprise culture is a key to make our company more cohesive. Inquire!

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